Timberland Heritage Noreen 3 Eye Handsewn, Women’s Loafers, Brown, 4.5 UK

March 6, 2018 - Comment

Material: real leather, leatherTimberland Model: Timberland boat shoes 51304Color: brownPremium product

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Material: real leather, leather
Timberland Model: Timberland boat shoes 51304
Color: brown
Premium product


Georgia A. says:

Love them! Timberland Boat shoes have been a bit of thing in my family since I was very little, and most family members own a pair- so I didn’t want to be the one left out! I’ve always hesitated because of the price however and haven’t been able to afford them in the past. Saying this, now I have saved up I can see why they are priced as they are, the quality is outstanding and they fit from the get go perfectly. Unless I’m at work my timberlands haven’t come off my feet and I’m absolutely delighted with…

siobhan malone says:

Beware! I rarely write reviews but feel I have to on this! I have many pairs of timberlands, in a variety of styles all fit well and fantastic quality!My 1st pair had to be returned one shoe larger than the other, the 2nd pair still a bit large with little dents in toes, I figured these would go and it was probably just the way they had been packaged, and I stupidly wore them out, nope dents still there. I’m in no doubt these shoes are seconds, either that or I’ve been really unfortunate, twice…

Yelvofam says:

nice looking shoe Returned as I found sole was too flat, nice looking shoe though

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